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Refurbished Mobile Phones Auckland

For many people, the prices of high-end mobile phones are simply too high, which means not everyone has equal access to social media, improved camera quality, fast Internet access, or the latest games. However, with our second hand phones in Auckland, people can access this technology without having to pay the exorbitant prices that are often asked.

When you buy a refurbished second hand mobile phone in Auckland, it will have been checked for quality and condition as well as a complete technical inspection to ensure that it is fit for sale. Often, mobile phones come to us come from researchers, reviewers and enthusiasts who are looking to recoup the costs of their new phone by selling their previous one. That means we get some very high spec products indeed!

Need a Trusted Supplier of Second Hand Phones in Auckland?

At Mobile Federation (best place to buy refurbished phones in Auckland), our understanding of second hand phones in Auckland comes from over a decade in the industry, with technicians that have a deep level of knowledge when it comes to electronics and common issues that affect each model. Every item we receive is subjected to the most rigorous testing and internal check to make sure there has been no long-lasting impact or moisture damage and that the phone will remain functional, durable and dependable. 

Second Hand Mobile Phones in Auckland from Mobile Federation: Fast & Effective Service

We have a range of great refurbished used phones in Auckland that include the very best Apple and Samsung used phones in South Auckland, including recent high-end models and budget offerings too. Whether you want the recent iteration of an Apple iPhone or a compact Samsung Galaxy, you are sure to find whichever model suits you best. In every case, we will offer you a high-quality service as well as a good product. Features of our service include:

  • Same Day Dispatch

If you place your order before 11 am we will get your order ready and out for delivery on the next day! Typical delivery times are between one and three days, which means that if you order before 11 o'clock in the morning, your phone will be with you within the week. Orders after 11 am will be dispatched on the next day at the latest.

  • 7 Day Guarantee

We believe that every customer should be confident in the product they are buying. We know how great our service is, but we also recognise that sometimes purchases don't go quite as intended. That's why we've also factored in a customer satisfaction guarantee into our ordering process. Whatever the reason, whether or you don't like the colour all there is some particular feature that you didn't anticipate, we will offer you a refund within 7 days of purchase without any further questions. We will even throw in return postage alongside a full refund!

  • up to 12 Month Warranty

Our technicians have worked with a whole host of different smartphones and are trained and qualified to spot any potential issues which can then be rectified. We are confident that your smartphone will prove to be dependable and durable, but, just in case, we also offer up to 12-month warranty for new devices to ensure peace of mind for you and that, when repairs are required, you won't have to pay over the odds to have your phone working.

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If you see a phone you like, someone else is likely to be interested in it too. Don't let it get away – register for an account today, add your item to your basket and follow our straightforward checkout procedure to pay. Your phone will then arrive with you in a matter of days!

We supply all kinds of different brands of phones and locations including refurbished iPhone in aucklandand refurbished Samsung phones.

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